Filter Forge textureEnrique Flouret of The Photoshop Roadmap, who also wrote the tutorial “Rendering a map using relief shading technique” that I mentioned in the blog about a week ago, released a very detailed tutorial that explains how to use the Filter Forge Photoshop plug-in to create a wet and muddy rocks texture.

For those who are unfamiliar with this plug-in; the Lunacore blog mentioned this excellent plug-in about 3 months ago: Filter Forge Photoshop plug-in.

Filter Forge in action

Photoshop TV 46The Photoshop Guys Scott, Matt and Dave are back in business with new tips and tricks in this 46th episode Photoshop TV:

- a quick way to preview your images in black and white format in Adobe Bridge
- tip for previewing in Photoshop
- creating a Flash animation with Photoshop and ImageReady
- a wild 3D abstract using the 3D Transform Filter

This week’s to-do list

- Check out the latest offerings at the Digital Technology Centre
- Say hello to Monte Zucker and Eddie Tapp
- Have a look at the new community at Adobe Illustrator Techniques

The author of this tutorial explains in great detail the power of Advanced Blending. It’s a very useful tutorial with several screenshots included showing the outcome of specific settings.

Advanced Blending

Dirk Paessler explains how to use Photoshop’s polar coordinates filter to turn panoramas into pieces of art:

Panorama 1 Panorama 2

PhotoshopRoadmap has a nice tutorial that shows how to create a relief map in Photoshop.

Relief Map

Lunacore Photoshop Training added 3 new tutorials in which we learn how to use specific tools and techniques;

- how to create animations in ImageReady
- using masks to create the illusion of depth
- how to create a 3D looking texture from scratch in Photoshop
- using the Liquify tool to add randomness to an image
- an example of how we can use the mysterious Maximize filter
- manually adding shadows and highlights to objects to create the illusion of depth
- using the Median filter to add round corners to a mask
- moving layers into layers groups and getting rid of redundant masks
- using two identical objects to create the illusion of depth without using a layer style
- etc

Animated Plane Flying Through CloudsAnimated Plane Flying Through Clouds

This Photoshop tutorial explains how to place a plane in some clouds and how to create the illusion of depth. Later in this tutorial we’re going to use this plane to create a short animation in ImageReady.




Stone WallStone Wall

A tutorial that shows how to create a stone texture and how to use this same texture to create a stone wall. The same texture can also be used as to create a stone floor.




Realistic CrackRealistic Crack

In this tutorial we learn how to add a realistic crack to an existing stone texture.

Photoshop TV episode 35In the the 35th episode of Photoshop TV, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski and Dave Cross present the following subjects;

- a tutorial for turning a photo into an illustration using the pen tool
- a technique for changing an object’s background while keeping natural shadows
- how to make a realistic studio background for your photo’s model using channels
- how to order Kodak Prints with Bridge and Photoshop Services
- a tip for presenting and selling your photos online using Bridge and PhotoManager
- interview with Bert Monroy

Car AnimationA friendly member of Lunacore’s forums has written two detailed tutorials that teach you how to make animations with Photoshop/Imageready. In one tutorial you will be taught how to animate a spaceship and the other tutorial explains how to animate the opening of a car door.

Painting HairIn this tutorial the talented artist Linda Bergkvist is showing us how to paint hair.

Photoshop TV episode 26
Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski are your hosts in the latest episode of Photoshop TV

- a technique to gold-plate your type
- quickly replace colors
- a quick lesson in using your basic flash unit to best effect
- a technique to turn a photo into a pencil sketch

- Apple lowers the price of Aperture
- Registration for Photoshop World Las Vegas now open
- New Web Gallery Wizard

This Week’s To-Do List
- Digital Wake Up Call workshop with David Ziser
- Jay Maisel Photography
- New version of Web Gallery Wizard released

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