Adobe Photoshop 9.0.2 update for Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows

The Adobe Photoshop 9.0.2 update fixes a number of problems discovered after Photoshop CS2 (9.0) was released. The Photoshop 9.0.2 update includes all the fixes contained in the earlier Photoshop 9.0.1 update. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply the 9.0.1 update prior to running the 9.0.2 update on Photoshop CS2.

The most significant fixes in the 9.0.2 release include the following:

- Menus now respond correctly after a single click.
- Undo/Redo work properly when multiple documents are open.
- Photoshop no longer produces a program error when encountering unsupported file types through the Acrobat Touchup workflow.
- Supported files that incorrectly produced an “unsupported color space” message now open as expected.
- TIFF files with layer data greater than 2GB now open correctly.

The most significant fixes in the 9.0.1 release (also included in the 9.0.2 update) include the following:

- Photoshop no longer hangs for several seconds when using painting tools with quick strokes.
- A runtime error that could appear when mousing over a high-res doc with the Brush Tool has been fixed.
- Documents containing a large number of text layers now open more quickly.
- Problems related to palettes (slow redraw, palettes go white, possible crash) have been addressed.
- TIFF files from certain scanners can now be opened correctly.
- After editing an image in Photoshop CS2 via Acrobat Touchup, the image no longer gets repositioned.
- XMP metadata from AI and PDF files is now retained in Photoshop.
- Slow performance when toggling layer visibility has been fixed.
- Info palette numbers now display and update when moving a curve point in Curves via the cursor keys.
- Problems opening certain TIFF and PSB files greater than 2GB have been resolved.
- The Merge to HDR command now functions properly when using high-ASCII characters in the user login.

Download Windows Update


UpdateNote concerning the Mac update

Adobe has pulled its latest Photoshop CS 2 update after Photoshop users encountered issues with printing.

Adobe admitted: “We have identified an issue with the 9.0.2 when printing on OS X 10.3 and are addressing that with our team now. Be forewarned we expect we will pull the 9.0.2 update because of this and release an update that will address this issue as soon as we can.”

FastStone CaptureFastStone Capture is a powerful, flexible and intuitive screen-capture utility that can be very useful for all Photoshop users on the Microsoft Windows platform.

In previous versions of Photoshop for Windows it was possible to capture a single window by using the key combination Alt+PrintScreen, which would copy the result to the clipboard.

Photoshop allows you to create a new document based on the content of the clipboard by selecting in the menu File / New. Photoshop then automatically adjusts the height and width according to the size of the screen capture that was placed on to the clipboard. In the document itself it’s then just a matter of pasting the content of the clipboard (Edit / Paste or Ctrl+V) inside the current document.

Photoshop CS2 however doesn’t allow to capture a single window; the key combination Alt+PrintScreen will copy the complete screen instead. The only way to copy a window in Photoshop is to use a special screen capture utility like FastStone Capture.


Car AnimationA friendly member of Lunacore’s forums has written two detailed tutorials that teach you how to make animations with Photoshop/Imageready. In one tutorial you will be taught how to animate a spaceship and the other tutorial explains how to animate the opening of a car door.

DeJPEGEveryone has observed blocks and fringes caused by JPEG compression. This has become an inevitable, if annoying, part of digital imaging, and we have all learned to live with it.

Topaz Labs ends this problem by releasing their DeJPEG enhancer as freeware (only for Windows).

This Photoshop plug-in removes JPEG artifacts and enhances image clarity simultaneously. Its ease of use makes it perfect for everyone while its advanced algorithms achieve the optimal result.

No Photoshop? No problem. It works with anything that supports Photoshop plugins, including freeware such as Irfanview and GIMP.

In addition, Topaz DeJPEG supports:
- both 8-bit and 16-bit/channel
- Photoshop scripting and actions
- batch processing of multiple

PanosFX offers 31 free Photoshop actions, some of them that are pretty cool.

The action list includes:

Cracked Wall painting, Deck, 100, B&B Filmstrip 35mm, High Pass Sharpening, B & Big picture, Puzzle Quatro, 3D, Metallon, Metallic Grid Text, 25Matrix, Sprocket feed border, Weaved Border, Edge effects, Mosaic Effects, Meander frame, B&B Animated, Photris, Rodax frame, The big picture, Stamp, Scroll, Carved Marble Text, Big Blue, Photo Album, Video Wall, Snowed Text, Weave it, Puzzle Effects, B&B set of effects and B&B Filmstrip.

We have tried only B&B Filmpstrip 35mm; the results were very good and the action was also easy to use.

Tip: try to figure out how some of the actions work and learn from them.


PhotoshopNot everyone might know that Adobe’s Studio Exchange is a great place to download all kind of files for Photoshop. At the moment Adobe Studio Exchange offers thousands of files in 14 categories:

- Actions
- Brushes
- Custom Shapes
- Displacement Maps
- Filters
- Gradients
- ImageReady Actions
- ImageReady Droplets
- Patterns
- Plug-ins
- Scripts
- Styles
- Templates
- Tutorials

KeyboardTrevos Morris has a special page on which you can download several PDF files that explain which Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are available for users of Photoshop 5, 6, 7, CS and CS2 (Mac and Windows).