Improvements and new features of Photoshop CS6

* Redesigned interface
* Darker interface (optional)
* Improved performance in multiple areas
* New Crop tool
* New filter: Oil Paint
* More advanced video editing, all Photoshop effects can now be applied to video
* Improve Camera Raw, plus two new controls (highlight and shadows)
* New blur gallery: field blur, iris blur, tilt-shift blur
* Bridge rewritten for 64-bit
* Background Save and Auto-recovery
* Adaptive Wide Angle
* Improved Filter Gallery
* New Content Aware Move
* Improvements to paint engine
* Improvements to working with Shapes
* New Type menu
* Type Styles
* Vector strokes
* Dashed lines
* Skin Tone-Aware selections and masking
* 3D improvements (Photoshop Extended only)
* New Search Tool in Layers Palette
* Performance improvements for Liquify Filter
* Patch tool now has Content Aware (optional)
* New Properties panel
* Improved and expanded GPU acceleration
* Improved Lighting Effects filter

Adobe released Photoshop CS5 on April 30.

Some of its new or improved features:

* Content aware fill
* Improved painting; mixer brush, bristle tips and color blend
* Puppet warp
* 3D extrusions with Repoussé (only Photoshop Extended)
* Improved selections with Edge detection
* Improved HDR with HDR Pro
* Automatic lens correction
* Improved sharpen tool with option “protect detail”
* Camera raw 6
* Improved eyedropper tool
* Mini Bridge
* 64 bit version now also available for Mac
* Several smaller improvements

For more information visit

YouTube user ProDesignTools offers also tons of videos that show the many new features and improvements in Photoshop CS5.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.0.1 update - multiple languages

The Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 11.0.1 update addresses a number of issues discovered after Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended (11.0) software were released.The most significant fixes in the Photoshop CS4 11.0.1 update include the following:

- A number of issues that could cause slow performance have been addressed.
- Pen barrel rotation with Wacom tablets now works correctly.
- Photoshop now correctly recognizes 3D textures edited by a plug-in.
- The quality of the results of Auto-Blend Layers (Stack Images) has been improved.
- A problem that could result in a crash when pasting formatted text has been fixed.
- A crash that could result from a corrupt font no longer occurs.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories has developed a new way of resizing images (media retargeting).

A short article can be found here.

Total Training for Photoshop CS2Lunacore has released a detailed review of the Total Training’ Photoshop CS2 video course.

This review is split into 7 sections:

- Introduction
- What you get
- The presenter
- Installation
- The Interface
- Content and presentation
- Conclusion

Check it out here.

Adobe CS3 Launch DateIt’s final; the Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 will be launched very soon, to be exactly on March 27th.

Check out the Adobe web site.

Read one of our previous posts to find out what Photoshop CS3 has to offer.

Photoshop TV Episode 72
In this episode of Photoshop TV
- How to make a James Bond style screen effect using the Fibers, Cutout and Twirl filters.
- Put a showroom finish on a car with Shadow/Highlight adjustments and Levels.
- Create an Andy Warhol style effect with a psychedelic animation effect.

Scott Kelby has the breaking news on Adobe’s announcement of Photoshop CS3 and CS3 Extended.

This Week’s To-Do List
- Sign up at to buy and sell photography and design
- Get amazing tips and tricks for just about everything at
- Stay up to date on the latest software at

Photoshop CS3
The new Adobe Photoshop CS3 will be available in two different versions: Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Photoshop CS2 Extended.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended allows you to render and incorporate 3D images into your 2D designs, edit motion graphics on video or probe your images with measurement, analysis, and visualization tools.

More about this on the Adobe web site.

Photoshop TV 67In the 67th episode of Photoshop TV, Matt, Scott and Dave share the following subjects with you:

- The best new features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Target Adjustment Tool, Keyword Stamper, Virtual Copies and Tone Curve.
- How to use the Hue and Saturation in Adjustment Layers.
- How to use Free Transform for repeat Actions and across multiple Layers

This Week’s To-Do List
- Check out the new tutorials at
- Get a ton of Photoshop news and tips from Trevor Morris’s site.
- Enjoy the art of typography at Type For You.

The Mother of All Photoshop Sweepstakes
Enter to win an Alaskan cruise from the good people at Cruising Through Life and join our own Dave Cross, Moose Peterson and Vincent Versace for 7 days of amazing nature photography, Photoshop instruction and the best time you’ll ever have learning.

Prize contest
How you can win a full year of Layers magazine.

Photoshop CS3 BetaAdobe released the beta of Photoshop CS3. This beta which can be downloaded from Adobe Labs is free for all licensed users of either the Photoshop CS2 (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Creative Suite 2 Standard or Premium (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Production Studio Standard and Premium (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Video Bundle (full, upgrade, and education) or Adobe Web Bundle (full, upgrade, and education).

If you’re not a licensed user of any of these products, then you’re only allowed to try out the product for 2 days.

Some of the new features/improvements:

- Auto align layers
- Auto blend for stitched images
- Smart filters (non-destructive filters (including Shadows and Highlight) which you can combine with a mask)
- Quick selection tool
- Device Central 1.0
- Adjustable Cloning and Healing with preview overlay
- Zoomify (Google maps style zoom interface for web based images)
- Improved Curves
- Enhanced Channel Mixer (filter presets)
- Refine Edge (to modify the edge of any selection)
- Refined interface (see examples below)
- Enhanced Brightness/Contrast
- New advanced Black and White conversion tool
- Improved print window
- 2 new blend modes: Lighter Color, Darker Color
- Enhanced Photo Merge function
- Enhanced Merge to 23-Bit HDR
- New Bridge version
- Improved vanishing point with multiple, adjustable angle perspective planes
- Camera Raw 4.0

For more detailed information and issues, check the release notes for Photoshop CS3.

There is also a Photoshop CS3 forum that you can visit here.

Visit for a video interview with Photoshop’s senior product manager John Nack. At the end of the video Jason shows off some of Photoshop CS3’s new features.

Note: you can also download the complete interview on that same page. If you have problems with the file that you downloaded, then rename the extension .mov to .m4v

Also don’t forget to check out the web site of Photoshop guru Russell Brown, who just finished a few Photoshop CS3 video tutorials:

- CS3 Smart Filters
- CS3 The All New Photo Merge
- CS3 Converting Color to Black & White
- CS3 Auto-Align and Auto-Blend Layers
- CS3 The New Clone Source Feature

Also worth mentioning is that offers a free preview video training for Photoshop CS3 by no other than Deke McClelland.

My experience with Photoshop CS3 on a E6600 Core2Duo PC is that it runs fast and reliable, which is very positive considering it’s still a beta.
The redesigned palettes are something we all need to get used to, but I predict that in the long term most users are going to appreciate the changes. For now the feature I enjoy the most is smart filters.

Photoshop CS3 Palettes Photoshop CS3 Palettes Photoshop CS3 Palettes Clone Source

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