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Digital-MakeoversPhotoshoproadmap has collected for you some links to great makeover techniques and plugins.

Check it out here.

Photoshoproadmap PuzzlePhotoshoproadmap, always good for unique tutorials with lots of detail, has released yet another great tutorial called “Create a colorful Print-and-Play puzzle for your kids with Photoshop”.
The 5 page tutorial explains how to create glossy looking shapes and text, how to add proper shadows, how to build the puzzle board and its pieces and how to add some finishing touches. You can even download two complete puzzles at the end of the tutorial and make your kids happy in no time!

To be able to select a single color with the Magic Wand tool, you need to use 3 different settings:

Eye Dropper tool  options1. Select the Eye Dropper tool and set the the Sample Size to Point Sample. This will not only have an effect on the Eye Dropper tool, but also on the Magic Wand tool.

2. Select the Magic Wand tool and set the Tolerance to 0.

Magic Wand options

3. Uncheck the Anti-Alias option.



Example 1
Example 1

Example 2
Example 1

Example 3
Example 1

Photoshop TV Episode 72
In this episode of Photoshop TV
- How to make a James Bond style screen effect using the Fibers, Cutout and Twirl filters.
- Put a showroom finish on a car with Shadow/Highlight adjustments and Levels.
- Create an Andy Warhol style effect with a psychedelic animation effect.

Scott Kelby has the breaking news on Adobe’s announcement of Photoshop CS3 and CS3 Extended.

This Week’s To-Do List
- Sign up at Fotolia.com to buy and sell photography and design
- Get amazing tips and tricks for just about everything at Lifehacker.com
- Stay up to date on the latest software at VersionTracker.com

Photoshop TV 67In the 67th episode of Photoshop TV, Matt, Scott and Dave share the following subjects with you:

- The best new features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Target Adjustment Tool, Keyword Stamper, Virtual Copies and Tone Curve.
- How to use the Hue and Saturation in Adjustment Layers.
- How to use Free Transform for repeat Actions and across multiple Layers

This Week’s To-Do List
- Check out the new tutorials at PlanetPhotoshop.com
- Get a ton of Photoshop news and tips from Trevor Morris’s site.
- Enjoy the art of typography at Type For You.

The Mother of All Photoshop Sweepstakes
Enter to win an Alaskan cruise from the good people at Cruising Through Life and join our own Dave Cross, Moose Peterson and Vincent Versace for 7 days of amazing nature photography, Photoshop instruction and the best time you’ll ever have learning.

Prize contest
How you can win a full year of Layers magazine.

PixelPerfect with Bert MonroyIf you’re one of those people who love to study Photoshop by watching video tutorials, then it might be a good idea to visit PixelPerfect by Bert Monroy.

In 16 epsiodes (and growing) Bert is showing the viewer in great detail how to do things in Photoshop:

- Layer masks and alpha channels
- Making a ray gun
- Shadows
- Making tubes
- Filter effects
- Type effects
- Making a lamp
- Patterns and animation
- Lightning
- Drops of water
- Rapid weathering
- The extract command
- Colorizing

In episode 10-12 Bert also explains behind the scene certain aspect of his huge Photoshop work called Damen, a 15,000 layer Photoshop design.

Smooth SkinOn the Lunacore Forum I’ve posted an example of using Photoshop CS3′ Smart Filters to make a non-destructive skin correction, based on Lunacore’s original Smooth Skin tutorial.

You can check it out here.

Harry PotterI’m not a huge fan of copying photographs myself, but when someone achieves excellent results like this and is also willing to describe in text and pictures how she did it (important!), then that’s enough reason for me to mention it on the blog. The image was not traced, done in several layers and a tablet was used.

Note: the image that’s on this page is rather large (over 2MB), so be aware of that if you have a slow internet connection.

Creating convincing water in Photoshop in not always an easy task for many people. However Photoshopcontest.com offers a well done tutorial that shows you how to make some pretty realistic looking water, check it out.


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