PanosFX offers 31 free Photoshop actions, some of them that are pretty cool.

The action list includes:

Cracked Wall painting, Deck, 100, B&B Filmstrip 35mm, High Pass Sharpening, B & Big picture, Puzzle Quatro, 3D, Metallon, Metallic Grid Text, 25Matrix, Sprocket feed border, Weaved Border, Edge effects, Mosaic Effects, Meander frame, B&B Animated, Photris, Rodax frame, The big picture, Stamp, Scroll, Carved Marble Text, Big Blue, Photo Album, Video Wall, Snowed Text, Weave it, Puzzle Effects, B&B set of effects and B&B Filmstrip.

We have tried only B&B Filmpstrip 35mm; the results were very good and the action was also easy to use.

Tip: try to figure out how some of the actions work and learn from them.