Lunacore Photoshop Training added 3 new tutorials in which we learn how to use specific tools and techniques;

- how to create animations in ImageReady
- using masks to create the illusion of depth
- how to create a 3D looking texture from scratch in Photoshop
- using the Liquify tool to add randomness to an image
- an example of how we can use the mysterious Maximize filter
- manually adding shadows and highlights to objects to create the illusion of depth
- using the Median filter to add round corners to a mask
- moving layers into layers groups and getting rid of redundant masks
- using two identical objects to create the illusion of depth without using a layer style
- etc

Animated Plane Flying Through CloudsAnimated Plane Flying Through Clouds

This Photoshop tutorial explains how to place a plane in some clouds and how to create the illusion of depth. Later in this tutorial we’re going to use this plane to create a short animation in ImageReady.




Stone WallStone Wall

A tutorial that shows how to create a stone texture and how to use this same texture to create a stone wall. The same texture can also be used as to create a stone floor.




Realistic CrackRealistic Crack

In this tutorial we learn how to add a realistic crack to an existing stone texture.