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Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial - Intersecting Rings
Intersecting Rings
(viewed times)
A detailed tutorial that shows how to use paths, how to combine them and what kind of problems you can expect when you're trying to design intersecting rings.

Photoshop Tutorial - Glass ball
Glass ball
(viewed times)
An extensive tutorial that shows how to design a glass ball and how to use many different techniques that can be helpful for many other projects.

Photoshop Tutorial - Explosion Effect
Explosion Effect
(viewed times)
An easy and detailed tutorial showing you how to create spectacular exploding clouds that are easy to adjust and can be exported to ImageReady to create cool animated effects.

Photoshop Tutorial - Drawing/Painting Effect
Drawing/Painting Effect
(viewed times)
A drawing and painting effect that works with most images.

Photoshop Tutorial - Water Drops
Water Drops
(viewed times)
A quick and easy way to create water drops in Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial - Remove blue sky color cast
Remove blue sky color cast
(viewed times)
A non-destructive Photoshop technique to remove a blue sky color cast that you see a lot on white clothing, but also on other bright white objects.

Photoshop Tutorial - Change the color of an eye
Change the color of an eye
(viewed times)
A non-destructive technique to change the color of the iris using a mask in combination with a hue & saturation adjustment layer 

Photoshop Tutorial - Layer Masks
Layer Masks    
(viewed times)
The ultimate guide to Photoshop's layer masks.

Photoshop Tutorial - Layer Groups/Sets
Advanced Layer Groups/Sets
(viewed times)
An extensive guide to layer groups/sets that shows you what kind of cool things you can do with them, instead of just using them to group layers.

Photoshop Tutorial - Smoothen Edges
Smoothen Edges
(viewed times)
How to make edges of objects smoother.

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