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Photoshop Tips 1-10

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Tip 1: Additional Photoshop plug-ins folder

Photoshop 6 and higher
Go to edit/preferences and check the box 'additional plug-ins folder' and select a folder.

Tip 2: Transparent Mask

Photoshop 6 and higher
While working with a mask press the \ key to work with a transparent mask, kinda like the quick mask. Press \ again to return to the regular mask.

Tip 3: Edit mask inside document window

Photoshop 6 and higher
If you want a larger preview of your mask; ALT + Click on the mask and you'll be able to edit the mask in the document window.

Tip 4: Change color of gray background around document window

Photoshop 6 and higher
Select a foreground color, select the Paint Bucket Tool (G) and now click on the gray background while holding down the shift key.

Tip 5: Easy duplicate an image

Photoshop 6 and higher
We can duplicate an image by going to image/duplicate, but a quicker way is to right click the top of you document window. A window will pop up in which you can select 'duplicate'.

Tip 6: Photoshop behaving odd (resetting preference file)

Photoshop 6 and higher
We can delete the preference file by holding down Ctrl+Shift+Alt when we start Photoshop. Be aware that all your previous Photoshop settings and preferences will be lost.

Tip 7: Saving image to the WEB

Photoshop 6 and higher
Go to Edit/Color settings and make sure that you have selected Web Graphics Default and SRGB, otherwise your image might look too dark.

Tip 8: Difference between Mac and Windows shortcuts

Photoshop 6 and higher
    PC Mac
    Alt Option
    Ctrl Command
    Right Click Control

Tip 9: Closing all documents with one mouse click

Photoshop 6 and higher
Hold down the Shift key and click on the close button of any open Document window; this will close all other documents too.

Tip 10: Merge all visible layers

Photoshop 6 and higher
Sometimes you want to merge all visible layers (what you're actually seeing in your document window) on a new layer; create a new layer and then press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift+E (Mac)


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