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Photoshop FAQ 1-10

FAQ 1: I'm new to Photoshop and I don't know where to start

Check the Training section for Photoshop of this web site.

FAQ 2: My cursor has changed its appearance

Check if the Caps Lock key is on

FAQ 3: Can I unlock the background layer?

Yes you can. Double click on the background in the layers palette and click ok

FAQ 4: Is there a short way to move all palettes to their default location?

Go to Windows, Work Places, Reset Palette Locations

FAQ 5: My Photoshop is suddenly acting strange and I don't know how to solve it

Reset your preference file; hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt when you start Photoshop.
Warning; you will lose your settings so might consider to make a backup first

FAQ 6: How can I copy an image from another document to my current document?

Just drag the image to your current document. If you have to copy more than one layer; put all the layers in a layer set first and then drag the layer set to your document

FAQ 7: I want to show others a screenshot

The print key will copy the whole screen to the clipboard. Open a new document and go to edit/paste (Ctrl+V). Crop the image if you feel the need.
Holding down the Alt when you press the print key will only copy the active window; quite useful if you only want to show the layers palette for example.

FAQ 8: What are the differences between Photoshop for Windows and for the Mac?

They are just minor. One important difference is the use of shortcuts:

    PC Mac
    Alt Option
    Ctrl Command
    Right Click Control

FAQ 9: Which jpeg quality setting for internet images when I use save for Web?

50-60% is a good setting

FAQ 10: In which format should I save my designs for archiving purposes?

Always the Photoshop format


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