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Photoshop FAQ 21-

FAQ 21: Some Photoshop filters are grayed out in the flter menu

Check to see if you're working in RGB: Image / Mode ... (some Photoshop filters don't work in other color modes than RGB). Also make sure that you're working in 8 bits/channel.



FAQ 22: How to copy an image from one Photoshop document to the other?

  • Open both images.
  • Click on the move tool icon move tool in the tool bar
  • Click on the image that you want to move inside the document window
  • Hold down the mouse button
  • Move cursor to the other document
  • Release the mouse button



FAQ 23: I want to change the color of an object, a car for example.

A popular way to do this is by using the a Hue/Saturation correction: Image / Adjustments / Hue/Saturation...
Check out step 6 of Changing the color of an eye tutorial.

FAQ 24: I can't copy a layer mask by dropping it onto the mask icon in the layers palette

Photoshop CS2
In Photoshop CS2 you have to drag a mask from one layer and drop it onto the other layer while holding down the Alt (Option key on the Mac).

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