Digital Darkroom: considerations Digital Darkroom: considerations
This article describes what we have to take into consideration when we want to edit photographs with digital imaging software like Photoshop for example.

Setting Black and White Point Setting Black and White Point
A small article that describes how to set the back and white points of your monitor, very important if you're working with Photoshop.

Photoshop CS2 Tool Bar The tool bar in Photoshop CS2
Overview of the tool bar in Photoshop CS2 showing all the tools available.

PS Version Differences New features or improvements in Photoshop since version 6
A list of the improvements since Photoshop 6. Lunacore will continue to update this list.

Backup Strategies for Photoshop users Backup strategies (for Windows users)
Article about the use of separate data partitions/drives, causes of data loss, backup locations and media, backup software and file integrity .

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