Set Black/White Point

It's important when we work in Photoshop that we set our black & white point, to be able make accurate Photoshop corrections.

The grayscale below presents 24 shades of gray from pure white to solid black. The pure white block at the far left should merge with the pure white bar along the top, while the second block of very light gray should display a bit darker than pure white. The solid black block at the far right should merge with the solid black bar along the bottom, while the block just to the left should display a bit lighter than solid black.

Calibration stroke


In the 2x2 table below, are four colors. One should be absolute black. Nothing on your monitor should be darker than the black square. Look at the black border around your monitor. It should be as black as this square. Next check the white square. Nothing should be lighter than it. The gray boxes and the white box should have no tints of other colors in them. No pink or blue!

Calibration square


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