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Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial - Smooth Skin
Smooth Skin
(viewed times)
A technique to make skin look smooth but still quite natural.

Photoshop Tutorial - General Navigation
General Navigation
(viewed times)
Photoshop techniques and tools are being explained in great detail that help you to navigate through your image as fast as possible.

Photoshop Tutorial - Beautify a Face
Beautify a Face
(viewed times)
A very in-depth tutorial showing you how to remove wrinkles, blemishes, fix hair, eyes, eyebrows, teeth and color clothes, crop and sharpen with natural looking results (7 pages).

Photoshop Tutorial - Transparent 3D Objects
Transparent 3D Objects
(viewed times)
This tutorial shows you how to create transparent 3D objects, but also shows you how it can be used to make solid objects.

Photoshop Tutorial - Remove a blue haze
Remove a blue haze
(viewed times)
A Photoshop technique to remove a blue haze that you quite often see in pictures of mountains and valleys.

Photoshop Tutorial - Pyramid
(viewed times)
A detailed Photoshop tutorial that shows you how to create a pyramid.

Photoshop Tutorial - Postage Stamp
Postage Stamp
(viewed times)
How to create a postage stamp.

Photoshop Tutorial - Non-Destructive Editing
Non-Destructive Editing
(viewed times)
A very extensive tutorial that demonstrates many different non-destructive techniques using numerous examples.

Photoshop Tutorial - Car name in chrome
Car name in chrome
(viewed times)
An easy to understand Photoshop tutorial with many details, screenshots and tips in which we create a car brand name in chrome on a painted background.

Photoshop Tutorial - Photo to line drawing
Photo to line drawing
(viewed times)
A new approach to convert a photo to a line drawing, that works better than some of the older and more common techniques.

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