PanosFX offers 31 free Photoshop actions, some of them that are pretty cool.

The action list includes:

Cracked Wall painting, Deck, 100, B&B Filmstrip 35mm, High Pass Sharpening, B & Big picture, Puzzle Quatro, 3D, Metallon, Metallic Grid Text, 25Matrix, Sprocket feed border, Weaved Border, Edge effects, Mosaic Effects, Meander frame, B&B Animated, Photris, Rodax frame, The big picture, Stamp, Scroll, Carved Marble Text, Big Blue, Photo Album, Video Wall, Snowed Text, Weave it, Puzzle Effects, B&B set of effects and B&B Filmstrip.

We have tried only B&B Filmpstrip 35mm; the results were very good and the action was also easy to use.

Tip: try to figure out how some of the actions work and learn from them.


This tutorial by Jeremy Schultz shows how duotones, when created with the right curves, can combine a full range of values with extra tonal depth. This tutorial will show how Photohop duotone, tritone and quadtone techniques can be stretched even farther to create designs that look like they came right off the letterpress.

SimilarThe Similar command works with selections and allows you to include pixels throughout the image, not just adjacent ones, falling within the tolerance range.
What few people know is that you can actually set this tolerance range and it’s not in the most obvious place, because it surprisingly the Magic Wand tolerance settings that is being used for that.

CanadaLunacore is a Canadian based Photoshop site. Canada has several “famous ” Photoshoppers, to name a few; Eric and Jennifer at, Darrell at, Mark at, Michael Kieran and of course “our” famous Dave (Cross) ha!

So here’s one for you fellow Photoshoppers; “If the world were ruled by Canadians “ at Worth 1000

Adobe LightroomAdobe Releases Lightroom 1.0b2.

What is Adobe Lightroom? Adobe Lightroom is a new product (still in a beta stage) that is targeted at professional photographers. It offers powerful ways to select, import, showcase or develop large quantities of digital images. Adobe uses direct feedback from these same professional photographers to improve their product. For more information check out the Adobe Lightroom web site.

Free TransformIf you want to free transform an image or part of it, use the shortcut Ctrl + T ( Command + T on the Mac) and right click inside the bounding box ( Control + click on the Mac) to bring up a window in wich you can select your prefered transformation.

PhotoshopTV Episode 17The ‘Photoshop Guys’ at PhotoshopTV, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski, have released the 17th episode of PhotoshopTV. In this episode they will again share some tips, news, tutorials and answer some questions.

This time the guys share a tutorial for accurately color correcting your images, hand tinting your images and how to add scan lines.

John Shannon shows in this tutorial how to create realistic grass. However John doesn’t use the default Photoshop grass brush, but creates a unique shape that he uses throughout the tutorial to build up the grass.

The tutorial was originally written for Photoshop 5.5, so most people shouldn’t have a problem to follow the steps.

CloudsIf you prefer more contrast with Photoshop’s clouds filter, then try this; hold down the Alt key (options key on the Mac) and select Filter / Render /Clouds. This also work with Difference Clouds.

CrateRon Dunlap shows in this detailed tutorial how to create a wooden crate. This old tutorial was originally written for Photoshop 3 and 4 but should still be easy to follow for intermediate users of later Photoshop versions.

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