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There are a few newsgroups available.
  • Adobeforums.com (register at Adobe)

Adobe forums is both a web based newsgroup, but the same newsgroup can also be visited using a news reader like the one in Outlook Express. Just make sure you register at Adobe.com and use that same name and password if you want to add the newsgroup to Outlook Express (screenshot). Also notice that the name of the newsgroup server is adobeforums.com:


Three other newsgroups that are available:

  • alt.graphics.photoshop
  • comp.graphics.apps.photoshop
  • it.comp.graqfica.photoshop (only Italian)

Note: the number of newsgroups that are available varies and depends on your ISP (Internet Service provider).


Google Groups

Google Groups is the largest database in the world of newsgroup articles. If you're having a problem with Photoshop, then this is the best place to visit first, since the amount of knowledge that's available in this database is just staggering. Quite often it allows you to get a quick answer, depending on how experienced you are in the use of proper search arguments or techniques.

Also remember that a lot of data goes back all the way to 1981, a year in which lots of larger web sites that we got accustomed to didn't even exist! Not that you want to search that far back in time if you're looking for Photoshop related topics, since Photoshop was first released in 1989.

Pay special attention to the Advanced Groups Search link:

GoogleAdv. Search

This links allows you to select the language (A) of the posts, but maybe even more important; to restrict the time period (B) during which the posts were appeared:

Google Adv. Search


Important to know is that you can also post in newsgroup using Google Groups or start your own discussions or create new groups.

Newsgroup nostalgia:


First newsgroup article in Google's newsgroup database that mentions Photoshop

Newsgroups: rec.photo
From: ----------------
Date: 3 Feb 90 02:29:50 GMT
Local: Fri, Feb 2 1990 10:29 pm
Subject: Re: Computer Processing of Photos/Slides

The latest MacWeek (Jan. 30 1990) had a review of the Nikon slide scanner, along with a comparison to the Barneyscan scanner. They found the Nikon beast to be superior....

...course, there's no limit as to the creative tricks you can play beyond that.

Software: PhotoShop is new and supposedly hot; Studio/8 is also rated well, and Digital Darkroom is great for B&W use. Serious 24-bit pro paint programs include PixelPaint Professional. Again, check reviews and the local software shop (come to ComputerWare in Palo Alto!)

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