Photoshop TV episode 25
In the 25th episode of Photoshop TV, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski and guest Tim Grey share several tips and tricks:

- how to make photographic edges using custom shapes

- correct even the worst color imperfections

- uses channels to eliminate red eye

- make realistic portrait backgrounds

- filter gallery tips

The Golden Mean

One of the authors at GurusNetwork.com, a very good site btw, is Steve Nelson, who runs TheGoldenMean.com.
On his site Steve has collected one of the best articles and tutorials he has written for GurusNetwork.

The Pen Tool - one of the better pen tutorials that you can find on the internet

Curves - Best online curves tutorial I’ve read.

Displace Filter - Best displace tutorial I’ve ever read, great examples, sometimes a bit technical but never confusing.

Other great articles/tutorials that are really worth looking into:

- Crop Tool
- Resolution
- Dodge and Burn
- Replace background
- Backdoors
- Depth Masks

Excellent work Steve!

Photoshop TV Episode 23
Join Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski for their 23rd episode of Adobe Photoshop TV and check out their newest tips and tricks and things to do:

- Smart Object and Camera RAW

- how to use Smart Objects to make your own templates

- creating a product shot for advertising

- Photoshop World gallery

Photoshop TV
Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski share in the 22nd episode of Photoshop TV:

- a cool creative panoramic technique
- how to use the Blend If sliders
- how to write an action and make the most of dialogue boxes

Some news that’s getting attention:

- Adobe rolls out the Lightroom Podcast
- Adobe announces the 2006 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
- MacLive Conference announces student scholarships and an early-bird special discount


- Check out the Photoshop Soup2Nuts Conference at Great Lakes Digital.
- Dig through the new video tutorials at Layers magazine.
- Check out the upcoming seminars at PhotoshopSeminars.com

The following is a simple and straightforward Lunacore technique to add round corners to a photograph:

- Open picture
- Double click on the background layer
- Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) (Make sure that Paths is selected, see attachment)
- Adjust radius
- Draw the rounded rectangle
- Select in the menu: Layer/Add Vector Mask/Current Path
- Create a new layer beneath this layer that will serve as your background.

Round Corners

Not long ago I met someone on a forum who wanted to make digital paintings and decided to buy Paint Shop Pro, thinking that Photoshop was mostly suited for retouching photographs.

Hopefully I can convince people that this is a misconception; Photoshop is actually very well suited for painting as some of the following artists show (click on each link to see an example):

Linda Bergkvist
Wei Chen
Marc Simonetti
Camille Kuo

Photoshop is nothing but a tool; it doesn’t teach you how to be creative, but allows you.

Wacom TabletIf you’re really serious about Photoshop, then you might consider buying a tablet. The most recommended tablet is the Wacom Intuos

These tablets aren’t cheap, but in return you get top quality. Most people tend to be satisfied with a 6×8 sized tablet. It also depends on how much space you want to sacrifice on your desk, how much money you’re willing to spend and what kind of techniques you use; people who prefer long strokes are probably better of with a larger tablet.

Here’s a collection of some links of sites that offer painting tutorials;

Katherine Dinger
Linda Bergkvist (check gallery/tutorials)
Rebekah Lynn

Photoshop TV episode 21Photoshop Guys Scott Kelby and Dave Cross are your hosts in the 21st episode of Photoshop TV.

Some of the subjects of this week’s episode:

- ins and outs of working with guides and smart guides

- a multi-part tutorial on restoring old photos with with variations, the spot healing brush applying sepia tone and more

- how to convert color to greyscale in RAW

- new methods for converting to greyscale

- suggestion to have a look at Mordy Golding’s Illustrator Blog and Designorati

- last week’s prize winner and how to win this week’s prize

Arnold Ho shows on his blog how you can use Photoshop to make images look like miniature models:


Arnold also shows other examples of his technique on his matchbox toy car page, like this one:


Arnold wrote a nice tutorial that explains how to make these miniatures.
Correction March 19 2006: it was actually Christopher Phin who wrote that tutorial.

He also added a tips page on which he shows how to make the miniatures look more realistic.

Well done Arnold for coming up with an original concept, supported by well written articles!

Photoshop TVThe guys at Photoshop TV have released their 19th episode of their popular TV show. A list of what the guys share with us this time:

- How to create Layer Comps to help you save to multiple formats including Web Photo Gallery.
- How to use Smart Objects
- Use a Gradient Map to colorize black and white images
- Quickly changing Layers modes.
- Use Photomerge to create stunning panoramic images
- To-do list
- New prize to win
- Last week prize winner

Photoshop OnlineIn the Unofficial Photoshop Weblog’s first video podcast, the main subject is image resolution.
Explained is what resolution is, why it’s important and how to choose the proper resolution for a file destined for an inkjet printer.

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