Not long ago I met someone on a forum who wanted to make digital paintings and decided to buy Paint Shop Pro, thinking that Photoshop was mostly suited for retouching photographs.

Hopefully I can convince people that this is a misconception; Photoshop is actually very well suited for painting as some of the following artists show (click on each link to see an example):

Linda Bergkvist
Wei Chen
Marc Simonetti
Camille Kuo

Photoshop is nothing but a tool; it doesn’t teach you how to be creative, but allows you.

Wacom TabletIf you’re really serious about Photoshop, then you might consider buying a tablet. The most recommended tablet is the Wacom Intuos

These tablets aren’t cheap, but in return you get top quality. Most people tend to be satisfied with a 6×8 sized tablet. It also depends on how much space you want to sacrifice on your desk, how much money you’re willing to spend and what kind of techniques you use; people who prefer long strokes are probably better of with a larger tablet.

Here’s a collection of some links of sites that offer painting tutorials;

Katherine Dinger
Linda Bergkvist (check gallery/tutorials)
Rebekah Lynn