Photoshop CS2Adobe has released the Disable VM Buffering plug-in for Mac users, which can be installed to eliminate pauses during painting on Macintosh machines with more than 4GB of memory.

Photoshop TV episode 26
Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski are your hosts in the latest episode of Photoshop TV

- a technique to gold-plate your type
- quickly replace colors
- a quick lesson in using your basic flash unit to best effect
- a technique to turn a photo into a pencil sketch

- Apple lowers the price of Aperture
- Registration for Photoshop World Las Vegas now open
- New Web Gallery Wizard

This Week’s To-Do List
- Digital Wake Up Call workshop with David Ziser
- Jay Maisel Photography
- New version of Web Gallery Wizard released

Phixr offers an online image editor (still in beta) that offers features like:

- convert photo into B&W
- convert photo to sepia tone
- color adjustments
- crop
- red eye remover
- effects
- borders and frames

It’s a limited editor, but one in reach of anyone who has an internet connection.

Photoshop TV episode 25
In the 25th episode of Photoshop TV, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski and guest Tim Grey share several tips and tricks:

- how to make photographic edges using custom shapes

- correct even the worst color imperfections

- uses channels to eliminate red eye

- make realistic portrait backgrounds

- filter gallery tips

Photoshop TV Episode 23
Join Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski for their 23rd episode of Adobe Photoshop TV and check out their newest tips and tricks and things to do:

- Smart Object and Camera RAW

- how to use Smart Objects to make your own templates

- creating a product shot for advertising

- Photoshop World gallery

Photoshop TV
Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski share in the 22nd episode of Photoshop TV:

- a cool creative panoramic technique
- how to use the Blend If sliders
- how to write an action and make the most of dialogue boxes

Some news that’s getting attention:

- Adobe rolls out the Lightroom Podcast
- Adobe announces the 2006 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
- MacLive Conference announces student scholarships and an early-bird special discount


- Check out the Photoshop Soup2Nuts Conference at Great Lakes Digital.
- Dig through the new video tutorials at Layers magazine.
- Check out the upcoming seminars at

Adobe is working hard according to Think Secret , to release Creative Suite 3 before the end of this year.
Unkown is still what kind of changes we can expect, but performance and integration seem to be two keywords.
Check out the article to get an idea what to expect for Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop TV Episode 20So what do the guys at Photoshop TV have in store for us this time in episode 20?

Like in previous episodes Photoshop TV bring us the latest news, latest prize winner/contest and share tips and tutorials;

- Matt Kloskowski shows how to create an antique photo effect
- Scott Kelby explains how to sharpen with the high-pass filter
- Dave Cross shows you how to customize tool presets
- Guest Jack Reznicki has a cool way to change colors using color range, strokes and Gaussian blur

Developments at Lunacore Photoshop Training continue. Last week we released our new site design and because of the continuous growth of Lunacore the next important step was to move to a different server.
As detailed as we want our tutorials to be, it also has a downside; increased use of bandwidth and server resources. Although we make sure that we compress images as much as possible, at one point you do reach a limit. We want our future tutorials to be detailed as always (if not more) and refuse to follow a path that leads to less visual elements (images, animation, video).

Photoshop TVThe guys at Photoshop TV have released their 19th episode of their popular TV show. A list of what the guys share with us this time:

- How to create Layer Comps to help you save to multiple formats including Web Photo Gallery.
- How to use Smart Objects
- Use a Gradient Map to colorize black and white images
- Quickly changing Layers modes.
- Use Photomerge to create stunning panoramic images
- To-do list
- New prize to win
- Last week prize winner

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