Developments at Lunacore Photoshop Training continue. Last week we released our new site design and because of the continuous growth of Lunacore the next important step was to move to a different server.
As detailed as we want our tutorials to be, it also has a downside; increased use of bandwidth and server resources. Although we make sure that we compress images as much as possible, at one point you do reach a limit. We want our future tutorials to be detailed as always (if not more) and refuse to follow a path that leads to less visual elements (images, animation, video).

The obvious choice was therefore to make this move to a more powerful server. So we have decided to move from a shared server to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to solve our problems and to have more room for growth.
It also allows us to deal better with some sporadic traffic peaks of more than 20,000 people that we had in the past on some days.

At the moment most of our visitors are already on the new server. The switch went smoother than we expected and only time will tell if there are still issues that need to be improved or solved, but for now everything seems to work as it should be.

So the last few weeks have been weeks of improving the site behind the screens. The improvements allow us to focus more on the actual content of the site, without having to spend too much time on technical issues. Over time it will improve the overall experience for our visitors.

So hopefully now you’ll understand why the blog has been quiet over the last few days.
The good news is that we have already started with new tutorials with new concepts, new techniques or covering tools that weren’t covered in previous tutorials.

One little piece of advice; if you have any great ideas for tutorials or if you have any other kind of suggestions, please let us know. A handful of tutorials are based on questions of our forum members, so if you have a great idea or you’re still looking for that unique tutorial that nobody wrote, just visit our forum.

You can also use the forum to share a tip or technique with fellow members. The forum has a lot of room to grow, so every article, tip, technique, suggestion for a link, etc will stay in there for years to come. We don’t plan to prune it at any time, simply because we see our forum also as a little knowledge base for Photoshop users.

Thank you for visiting Lunacore Photoshop Training.