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What is RSS?

RSSRSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format that can deliver regularly changing web content.
More and more web sites offer this service to their visitors.

You can recognize sites that offer RSS by their RSS/XML buttons, like these:



How can you read RSS feeds?

RSS feeds (also called RSS channels) can be read with:
  • A browser like Opera or Firefox (Internet Explorer 7 will also support RSS feeds)
  • Dedicated RSS  readers like:
  • Online RSS Readers like:

You can also use Adobe Bridge as a RSS reader the way Matt Kloskowski is showing in his RSS Bridge Tutorial.


Lunacore Photoshop RSS

Currently Lunacore offers 2 RSS feeds:
  • The Lunacore Photoshop Blog feed (RSS 2)      : http://www.lunacore.com/blog/?feed=rss2
  • The Lunacore Forums feed : http://www.lunacore.com/forum/index.php?action=.xml;sa=news;type=rss;limit=50 (not available anymore)

If you use Atom: Lunacore Photoshop Blog feed (Atom 1.0) : http://www.lunacore.com/blog/?feed=atom

The forum feed (RSS 0.92) shows the 10 most recent topics in the Lunacore forums. The Lunacore Forums feed however has to be added manually in your newsreader (copy/paste the link).

Note: some RSS readers will have an option that's called auto discovery, which will alert you when a web site is making use of this feature. Lunacore only makes use of auto discovery for the Lunacore Photoshop Blog. Autodiscovery allows you to automatically add the news channel to your favorite reader.

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