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About us

Lunacore Photoshop Training was founded in 2005 and provides tips, FAQ, detailed Photoshop tutorials of high quality that are easy to understand, training, advice, news and articles that can help users with this powerful product. Lunacore tries to show those things that are not covered in the manual or at least not in great detail. We see ourselves as an educational site and not as just another tutorial site.

IconYou can always contact us at wlc(only for issues directly related to the web site)


Photoshop Photoshop is digital imaging software that was first released in 1990. In the beginning it was mainly focused on editing digital reproductions of photographs. Today the product is used by many amateurs and professionals and can for example be used to:
  • Design layouts or graphics for the web
  • Retouch photographs
  • Design logos, business cards, greeting cards, etc
  • Creating textures or bump maps for 3D applications
  • Painting, drawing


PhotoshopSupport says about Lunacore.com:

"The Lunacore site offers a small treasure trove of tutorials for professionals and aficionados alike, and is one of the best tutorial sites you will find because the tutorials are written with care and attention to detail. You actually are able to reproduce the same effects that are shown in the previews. The tutorials helpfully include sample images to work with, making it easier to follow along. Snapshots of the necessary adjustments in the Photoshop menu are also provided, and the instructions are amply detailed and a breeze to follow. There is plenty here to enjoy."


Lunacore.com was awarded Kool Site at Komando.com (One of America's largest online talk shows) on September 29 2005:



Lunacore.com was mentioned in the 13th episode of Photoshop TV January 2006:



Lunacore's Beautify a Face tutorial was ranked #81 in Digg's 2005 top 100 (out of 8,000+ submissions) and most popular tutorial submitted that year.



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