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Our idea about web design is that the main focus should be the visitor and that's the reason why we mainly focus on functionality and refuse to go overboard with flashy designs that don't add anything substantial.
Navigation is kept simple and functional; throughout the main site the navigation bar will be visible at all time and headers or links at the top of the page will remind the visitors exactly where they are. The main menu is repeated as text menu at the bottom of each page. We continue our designs with a top menu because it allows more space for the actual content.
Links are marked with blue except for the submenu (esthetic reasons). Sizes of images and html is kept small as much as possible.

Changes/improvements in design v4.0 (rel. Feb 25 2006) :

  • Redesigned from scratch (some previous design elements converted and embedded).
  • A lot more use of CSS
  • Move from HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0
  • Cleaner code in some areas
  • More compatible with 3 major browsers
  • Improved color scheme
  • Improved layouts
  • CSS/XHTML 1.0 fully W3C compliant
  • More rounded corners (we don't want to be another "colored squares" CSS site)

Changes/improvements in design v4.1 (rel. March 11 2007 ) :

  • Fixed width of site increased from 760 to 980 pixels
  • Content area increased from 663 to 730 pixels
  • Sidebar added to the left
  • Two extra content areas added, one for full width of 916 pixels
  • Search box added to menu
  • Reviews section added
  • Store added
  • Minor changes

Changes/improvements in design v4.11 (rel. May 9 2010 ) :

  • New font and increased font size
  • Layout changes to front page and main tutorial pages
  • Solved issue of pages jumping sideways a few minor pixels in Firefox because of scroll bar
  • Minor changes


Compatible with screen resolutions of 1024x768 and higher with the following browsers

Internet Explorer 6FirefoxOpera

Note: CSS in support in Internet Explorer 5.x is poor, so don't be surprised if Lunacore.com, which depends heavily on CSS, doesn't render properly in Explorer 5.x. We are trying to work around the major rendering bugs in Internet Explorer 5.x in the near future.
We don't have the available hardware to test the site with Safari for the Mac, but a quick remote view on our site in Safari gives us the impression that one shouldn't expect too many problems. No testing was done yet to see if the site is fully compatible with Google Chrome, but we don't expect major issues.


3 valid feeds (Blog - Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0, forum - RSS 0.92)

Blog Atom ValidBlog RSS ValidForum RSS Valid


Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS

Today many devices and browsers are used to browse the internet. Lunacore is one of the few Photoshop sites that strive to follow strict W3C standards in its own design. We are happy to say that Lunacore.com is fully compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. .



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