Tips offers a simple way to test the speed of your current configuration of Photoshop.
You can download the test here and compare your results on this page.

Tests like these can be useful to find out how much hard- and software changes affect the overall performance of Photoshop. Feel free to check out related blog articles.

Photoshop Speed

Photoshop TV Episode 56It’s time again for Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Corey Barker to be your host at PhotoshopTV.


- A quick way to keep only part of your image in color and make the rest black and white
- How to make a rose from scratch.
- A finishing touch using textures and the Displacement Map

To-Do List

- Check out the latest offerings at the Great American Photography Workshops
- Get the latest news reviews at
- Say hello to our pal, master photographer, Dave Black

Enrique at Photoshoproadmap has listed 5 plugins with a unique approach/concept:

- Altia PhotoProto
- Filter Forge (already discussed in two of my previous blog entries)
- AVBros. PageCurl Pro
- Knoll Light Factory
- Digital Element Verdant

Check it out at Photoshoproadmap.


Red EyesThis new Lunacore tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop CS2’s Red Eye tool in a non-destructive way. The technique is unique and hasn’t been discussed before in any book/magazine or on any web site.
We will also show you how to use the red eye tool to create a mask that you can use for any kind of red eye correction. The technique itself might be confusing to beginners, but because of the detailed steps and large amount of screenshots it shouldn’t be too difficult to end this tutorial with success.

The main purpose of the tutorial is to show you how can use a combination of masks, channels and blending modes to do some fascinating things.

Photoshop TV episode 49In this 49th episode of Photoshop TV, Matt, Scott and Dave have the following to share:

- Technique for using Gradient Overlay and the Warp Tool to add a shiny effect to text and objects.

- Layers technique that lets you break a subject out of its borders.

- Little-known features in Photoshop CS2 like resizing the font sample, choosing alternative plugin folders and creating customized hotkeys.


To-Do List

- iStockphoto isn’t just great royalty-free content. They have lots of articles and tutorials.

- Stock up on free tutorials, how-to videos and digital photography news at Planet Photoshop.

- Nature lovers and photographers combine in the Digital Landscape Workshop Series.

Photoshop TV Episode 48The Photoshop Guys Scott, Matt and Dave are here again with new tips and tricks in this 48th episode Photoshop TV:

- Camera RAW techniques for converting to black and white using saturation, shadows and contrast sliders

- A detailed explanation of Blend If

- tip-of-the-hat to Jeremy Stroud

- split-toning effect with the Channel Mixer, Color Balance and Adjustment Layers.

To-Do List
- Check out a cool Podcast for digital photographers at
- Find out about Matt’s new Layers training course at
- Need an excuse to go to Maui? Visit

Photoshop’s toolbar can be pretty overwhelming for new users of Photoshop. has several videos that show how most of these tools work (Flash 6 or more needed).

Toolbar Videos

Photoshop TV 46The Photoshop Guys Scott, Matt and Dave are back in business with new tips and tricks in this 46th episode Photoshop TV:

- a quick way to preview your images in black and white format in Adobe Bridge
- tip for previewing in Photoshop
- creating a Flash animation with Photoshop and ImageReady
- a wild 3D abstract using the 3D Transform Filter

This week’s to-do list

- Check out the latest offerings at the Digital Technology Centre
- Say hello to Monte Zucker and Eddie Tapp
- Have a look at the new community at Adobe Illustrator Techniques

The author of this tutorial explains in great detail the power of Advanced Blending. It’s a very useful tutorial with several screenshots included showing the outcome of specific settings.

Advanced Blending

Close All Document WindowsIf you want to close multiple document windows in Photoshop all at once, then simply click on the close button of any document window while holding down the Shift key.

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