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Beautify a Face

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3. Remove wrinkles

Add a new layer in Photoshop by clicking on the Create a new Layer icon New Layer in the layers palette.
Rename this layer to  Left Wrinkles.

Select the Healing Brush Tool Healing Brush Toolin the tool bar.
Now check Photoshop's options bar:

Healing Brush tool - brush settings

Click on A to open the Brush Options window. Select a diameter of 20 and a hardness of 0%. Check the other options too, like Spacing, Angle and Roundness, but yours are probably the same since I didn't change any of these default values.
Don't forget to check the other options in the option bar:

Healing Brush tool - Option Bar settings

Notice again that Use All Layers is selected (again, so that we make our corrections on a separate layer).

With the Healing Brush Tool selected, hold down the Alt key (Option key on the Mac) and move the cursor to this area (in case your cursor looks different; just select the center of the marked area):

Source for Clone Stamp tool - left eye

Zoom in to about 300%. Press and release your left mouse button (which will turn your selected area into the source area for the Healing Brush Tool) and release the Alt key (option key on the Mac). Now with one stroke move the cursor over the wrinkle that's beneath the eye and release the mouse button; the wrinkle should disappear. If you're not satisfied with the result, just press Ctrl + Z ( Option + Z on the Mac) to undo what you've just done and try again.

Don't forget to remove the wrinkles in area A (see next screen shot). Use a smaller Healing Brush size like 10 to remove those wrinkles. Be careful not to damage the corners of the eye, like in B. Use a smaller brush size if you have to.

Corners of the eye


.Add a new layer by clicking on the Create a new Layer icon New Layer in the Layers Palette.
Rename this layer to  Right Wrinkles. Continue to remove the wrinkles around the right eye using the same method, but this time using a new source area, like for example the one marked in this screenshot:

Source for Clone Stamp tool - right eye



Wrinkles - Before/After

You'll notice that the eyes start to look even better than before and that's because fixing the distracting eyebrows in Photoshop and removing the wrinkles has really moved the focus to where it should be; the eyes. But we're not done yet as we'll see later.

Lock both the Left and Right Wrinkles layers when you're done like we did previously with the eyebrow layers.

4. Remove blemishes

Well, since we already have the Healing Brush active, let's start with removing some blemishes.

Add a new layer by clicking on the Create a new Layer icon New Layer in the Layers Palette.
Rename this layer to  Blemishes.

Select a Healing Brush size for the smaller blemishes that's slightly larger than the blemishes itself. Larger continuous areas should not be fixed with a brush size that equals the size of this area, but with a smaller size, in some cases even 20% smaller than the area itself (experiment). This is to avoid problems with the brightness of the area that we're healing, especially in those areas where there is a rapid transition from bright to dark (or backwards).

Make sure that you Lock this layer when you're done.

In his image I've marked in Photoshop the areas that I thought needed a fix:




Blemishes - Before/After

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