Matt KloskowskiMatt Kloskowski is your host at Photoshop Killer Tips where he shares in videos all kind of useful Photoshop tips, timesaving shortcuts, workarounds, and undocumented tricks. Matt is also one of the hosts of Photoshop TV.

Here’s a list of what Matt has been talking about since January 20:

March 7: Type inside of a Shape
March 6: Hiding Layers Quickly
March 3: Opening a Layered PSD file without the Layers
March 2: Selection Trick
March 1: Vanishing Point Trick in Photoshop CS2

February 28: Deleting Layers the Easy Way
February 27: Quickly Jumping to Different Layers
February 24: Quickly Adding a Layer Below
February 23: Actions Shortcut
February 22: Closing multiple Photoshop Images at Once
February 21: Changing History in Photoshop CS2
February 20: Custom Shape Options
February 17: Adding Arrowheads to a Line
February 16: Quick Transformation Menus
February 15: Speeding up Photoshop
February 14: Duplicating Gradient Stops
February 13: No More Locked Layers
February 10: Warping Made Easy
February 9: Paste Images at the Right Size the First Time
February 8: Moving Layers between Images
February 7: Make Free Transform Easier
February 6: History Lesson
February 3: Palettes Your Way
February 2: Selection Secret
February 1: More Guide Tricks

January 31: Fading Filters
January 30: Healing Photos on a Separate Layer
January 27: More Undocumented Fill Shortcuts
January 26: Cropping Tips
January 25: Finding the Exact Center Point of an Object
January 24: Previewing Filters
January 23: Photoshop Shortcuts
January 20: Changing Shadow Highlight Defaults
January 20: Picking a color from anywhere
January 20: Adding points to a curve
January 20: Getting your selection back
January 20: Find your files in Bridge

Keep up all the good work Matt!