Review - Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS2

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1. Adjusting Levels (30 min)
Lesson 1: Using the Brightness/Contrast Command
Lesson 2: Adjusting Levels Automatically
Lesson 3: Using the Auto Commands
Lesson 4: Working with the Levels Command
Lesson 5: Adjusting Individual Color Channels
Lesson 6: Fixing Washed Out Colors

2. Curves, Shadows, & Highlights (42 min)
Lesson 1: When Levels Won't Do
Lesson 2: Introducing Curves
Lesson 3: Using the Histogram Palette
Lesson 4: Adjusting Values in Curves
Lesson 5: Balancing Color in Curves
Lesson 6: Making Final Corrections
Lesson 7: Working with the Pencil Tool
Lesson 8: Using the Shadow/Highlight Command
Lesson 9: Using the Advanced Shadow/Highlight Options

3. Adjustment Layers (33 min)
Lesson 1: Pasting an Image into a Selection
Lesson 2: Using a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer
Lesson 3: Affecting an Adjustment Layer with a Gradient Mask
Lesson 4: Using a Levels Adjustment Layer
Lesson 5: Creating an Adjustment Layer without a Layer Mask
Lesson 6: Adding a Layer Mask or a Vector Mask
Lesson 7: Using a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer
Lesson 8: Using an Inverse Adjustment Layer
Lesson 9: Assigning a Shortcut for a Levels Adjustment Layer

4. Camera Raw (34 min)
Lesson 1: Using the Adobe Digital Negative Converter
Lesson 2: Working inside the Camera Raw Dialog Box
Lesson 3: Making Color Adjustments
Lesson 4: Modifying Levels
Lesson 5: Using the Detail & Lens Tabs
Lesson 6: Using the Curve & Calibrate Tabs
Lesson 7: Using Advanced Camera Raw Options

5. High Bit Depth and Exposure (41 min)
Lesson 1: Understanding Bit Depth
Lesson 2: Comparing 8 & 16 Bit Grayscale Ranges
Lesson 3: Using an Amalgam Mask to Isolate Grays
Lesson 4: Comparing 8 & 16 Bit File Types & Sizes
Lesson 5: Getting Ready to Merge Images
Lesson 6: Using the Image Processor to Convert Camera Raw to JPEG
Lesson 7: Performing an HDR Exposure Merge
Lesson 8: Adjusting the Exposure in an HDR Image
Lesson 9: Converting from HDR to 16 Bit

6. Sharpening Focus (47 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing the Sharpen Filters
Lesson 2: Using Unsharp Mask
Lesson 3: Understanding How Unsharp Mask Works
Lesson 4: Sharpening a Low Quality JPEG Image
Lesson 5: Fading & Blending Unsharp Mask
Lesson 6: Introducing Smart Sharpen
Lesson 7: Correcting a Lens Blur with Smart Sharpen
Lesson 8: Correcting Motion Blur with Smart Sharpen

7. Blurring and Averaging (58 min)
Lesson 1: Using Gaussian Blur
Lesson 2: Using the Median & Dust & Scratches Filters
Lesson 3: Creating Box & Surface Blurs
Lesson 4: Using Smart Blur
Lesson 5: Creating Lens & Shape Blurs
Lesson 6: Creating Motion & Radial Blurs
Lesson 7: Removing Stray Hairs Using Median
Lesson 8: Painting a Blur inside of a Layer Mask
Lesson 9: Reducing Noise & Restoring Highlights
Lesson 10: Removing JPEG Artifacts
Lesson 11: Creating Clouds & Adding a Gradient
Lesson 12: Creating Stars Using the Add Noise Filter
Lesson 13: Averaging Colors

8. Filters and Masks (38 min)
Lesson 1: Using the Lens Blur Filter
Lesson 2: Using a Gradient as a Depth Mask
Lesson 3: Blending Channels to Create a New Mask
Lesson 4: Using a Mask to Create a Depth of Field Effect
Lesson 5: Looking at Different Sharpening Results
Lesson 6: Applying Multiple Filters to a Layer
Lesson 7: Creating an Edge Mask to Sharpen an Image
Lesson 8: Applying Smart Sharpen to an Edge Mask

9. Distort and Displace (46 min)
Lesson 1: Using the Spherize Filter
Lesson 2: Using the Pinch Filter
Lesson 3: More Distortion Wackiness
Lesson 4: Making a Lens Correction
Lesson 5: Introducing Displacement Maps
Lesson 6: Understanding Displacement Maps
Lesson 7: Using the Displace Filter
Lesson 8: Creating a Displacement Map
Lesson 9: Making Someone Thinner with a Displacement Map

10. Liquify (35 min) Lesson 1: Introducing the Liquify Filter
Lesson 2: Using the Show Backdrop Options
Lesson 3: Setting Brush Options
Lesson 4: Warping Images with the Forward Warp Tool
Lesson 5: Viewing Wireframes with the Show Mesh Command
Lesson 6: Warping with Other Liquify Tools
Lesson 7: Restoring & Masking Warped Images
Lesson 8: Creating a Superhero Face Using the Liquify Tools
Lesson 9: Using the Reconstruct Tool to Restore Details
Lesson 10: Saving & Reloading Wireframe Meshes

11. Vanishing Point (36 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing the Vanishing Point Filter
Lesson 2: Selecting in Perspective with the Marquee Tool
Lesson 3: Cloning in Perspective with the Stamp Tool
Lesson 4: Compositing Images Using Vanishing Point
Lesson 5: Using Copy Merged in Vanishing Point
Lesson 6: Fixing Edges with a Black Outer Glow
Lesson 7: Working with Text in Vanishing Point

12. Smart Objects (34 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Smart Objects
Lesson 2: Creating a Smart Object
Lesson 3: Dynamically Transforming Smart Objects
Lesson 4: Introduction to Updating Smart Objects
Lesson 5: Changing the Color of a Transparency Pattern
Lesson 6: Replacing & Updating Smart Objects
Lesson 7: Importing Vector Smart Objects
Lesson 8: Pasting Illustrations as Smart Objects
Lesson 9: Importing a Camera Raw Image as a Smart Object
Lesson 10: Final Comments & Credits

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