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1. Introducing Layers (41 min)
Lesson 1: Customizing the Layers Palette
Lesson 2: Creating a Layer Via Copy
Lesson 3: Using the Spherize Command & the Eraser Tool
Lesson 4: Moving Layers in the Canvas
Lesson 5: Blending Layers
Lesson 6: Creating a Clipping Mask
Lesson 7: Changing the Layer Order
Lesson 8: Using the Fade Command
Lesson 9: Using a Levels Adjustment Layer
Lesson 10: Activating a Layer & Making a Composite
Lesson 11: Resizing the Canvas
Lesson 12: Feathering a Selection to Create a Vignette

2. Groups and Comps (37 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Layer Groups & Comps
Lesson 2: Applying Gaussian Blur & Deleting Layers
Lesson 3: Merging Layers
Lesson 4: Creating a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
Lesson 5: Working with Layer Groups
Lesson 6: Creating a Repeating Pattern
Lesson 7: Modifying a Layer Comp
Lesson 8: Creating a New Layer Comp

3. Opacity and Blend Modes (39 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Opacity & Blend Modes
Lesson 2: Adjusting Layer Opacity
Lesson 3: Adjusting the Fill Value
Lesson 4: Understanding Last Document State
Lesson 5: Introducing Blend Modes
Lesson 6: Using the Normal & Dissolve Blend Modes
Lesson 7: Using the Darkening Blend Modes
Lesson 8: Changing Blend Modes with Keyboard Shortcuts
Lesson 9: Using the Lightening Blend Modes
Lesson 10: Using Overlay through Hard Mix Blend Modes
Lesson 11: Using Difference through Luminosity Blend Modes
Lesson 12: Applying Motion Blur to a Text Layer
Lesson 13: Updating Layer Comps

4. Advanced Blending (37 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Advanced Blending
Lesson 2: Creating a Lens Flare
Lesson 3: Merging Layers with Screen Mode
Lesson 4: Preserving Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Dock
Lesson 5: Previewing Free Transform
Lesson 6: Merging Blend Modes
Lesson 7: Adding a Logo Element
Lesson 8: Grouping & Naming Layers
Lesson 9: Creating Knockouts
Lesson 10: Using the Luminance Blend Mode
Lesson 11: Colorizing a Layer
Lesson 12: Creating a Knockout from a Layer

5. Layer Styles (49 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Layer Styles
Lesson 2: Colorizing an Individual Group Using Blend Modes
Lesson 3: Selecting Layers with Keyboard Shortcuts
Lesson 4: Applying a Drop Shadow to a Layer
Lesson 5: Creating a Directional Inner Glow Using Inner Shadow
Lesson 6: Adjusting Layer Colors
Lesson 7: Duplicating Layer Effects
Lesson 8: Working with the Layers Palette
Lesson 9: Transparency Masking & Painting with Layer Styles
Lesson 10: Enabling Layer Masks & Effects
Lesson 11: Adjusting Opacity & Fill inside Layers
Lesson 12: Saving & Applying a New Layer Style

6. Masks and Channels (52 min)
Lesson 1: Selecting an Image with the Magic Wand Tool
Lesson 2: Using the Channels Palette & Mixing Channels
Lesson 3: Choosing a Blend Mode Best Suited for a Mask
Lesson 4: Using the Variations Tool to Improve a Mask
Lesson 5: Fixing the Edge of a Mask Using Inner Glow
Lesson 6: Selecting a Color Channel Best Suited for a Mask
Lesson 7: Adjusting Levels in a Color Channel
Lesson 8: Using the Dodge & Burn Tools to Make a Mask
Lesson 9: Inverting & Combining Channels for Mask Edges
Lesson 10: Changing the Color of the Rebuilt Overlay
Lesson 11: Fixing Masks with the Brush Tool
Lesson 12: Compositing a Masked Image into Another Background
Lesson 13: Matching the Color Temperature of Images
Lesson 14: Fixing Mask Edges with Inner Shadow

7. Transform and Warp (51 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Transformations
Lesson 2: Masking with the Levels Command
Lesson 3: Using Free Transform
Lesson 4: Duplicating Transformations
Lesson 5: Transforming Selections
Lesson 6: Masking with the Calculations Command
Lesson 7: Warping an Image
Lesson 8: Modifying an Image with a Layer Mask

8. Creating and Editing Type (32 min)
Lesson 1: Working with the Pen Tool
Lesson 2: Introducing Text
Lesson 3: Editing Text
Lesson 4: Creating Point & Area Text
Lesson 5: Modifying Existing Text
Lesson 6: Modifying Multiple Text Layers at Once
Lesson 7: Using Advanced Formatting Options

9. Special Type Effects (42 min)
Lesson 1: Checking Spelling in a Type Layer
Lesson 2: Warping & Transforming Text
Lesson 3: Working with Text on a Path
Lesson 4: Applying Effects to Text on a Path
Lesson 5: Placing Text inside a Path
Lesson 6: Using Advanced Text Formatting
Lesson 7: Adjusting Leading
Lesson 8: Adjusting Kerning

10. Vector-based Shapes (50 min)
Lesson 1: Resolving Font Issues
Lesson 2: The Advantages of Vector-Based Shapes
Lesson 3: Introducing the Vitruvian Man & Shapes
Lesson 4: Introducing the Shape Tools & Fill
Lesson 5: Applying a Stroke Layer Effect
Lesson 6: Using the Exclude Overlapping Command
Lesson 7: Modifying a Shape Using the Arrow Tools
Lesson 8: Intersect, Subtract, Add & Combine Path Components
Lesson 9: Working with the Polygon Tool
Lesson 10: Deleting Paths & Drawing a Gradient Arrow
Lesson 11: Working with Custom Shapes
Lesson 12: Creating a Custom Shape

11.Printing and Output (29 min)
Lesson 1: Using the Print with Preview Command
Lesson 2: Exploring Output Options
Lesson 3: Managing Color
Lesson 4: Using the Printer Dialog Box
Lesson 5: Using the Contact Sheet II Command
Lesson 6: Creating a Picture Package
Lesson 7: Creating a Web Photo Gallery

12. Actions (32 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Actions
Lesson 2: Creating a Custom Action
Lesson 3: Modifying an Action
Lesson 4: Playing an Action
Lesson 5: Loading & Saving Actions
Lesson 6: Deleting & Adding Steps in an Action
Lesson 7: Applying a Gradient Map
Lesson 8: Correcting Anti-Aliasing
Lesson 9: Adding a Drop Shadow
Lesson 10: Testing an Action
Lesson 11: Final Comments & Credits

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