Auto Select LayerNormally when you want to switch to a different layer, you would click on the layer in the layers palette.
Photoshop offers an option in the option bar when you have the move tool selected that’s called Auto Select Layer. With this option selected you can click on any object in your document window and Photoshop will automatically make the layer active that contains this object. The downside is that people forget turning it off and before they know it they start moving objects that they don’t want to move.

But there is an alternative; make sure that the Auto Select Layer option is not selected, but if you do want to make the layer active of an object that you click on, just make sure you hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on the Mac) and you will have the same functionality you would have with the Auto Select Layer option selected, only this time it’s only temporary. Once you release the Ctrl button everything is back to normal and you won’t risk moving the wrong objects.