In one of our previous blog posts we mentioned Scott Byer who showed how to use standard Mac and Windows tools to make Photoshop run faster.

Mac World explains in a recent article how you can increase the performance of Photoshop in other areas;

- Adjusting Cache Levels
- Reducing History States
- Reducing palette thumbnail size
- Do you really need that snapshot?
- Assigning RAM
- Assigning Scratch Disks

You can find the article here

Adobe is working hard according to Think Secret , to release Creative Suite 3 before the end of this year.
Unkown is still what kind of changes we can expect, but performance and integration seem to be two keywords.
Check out the article to get an idea what to expect for Adobe Photoshop.

PerformanceScott Byer shows in his blog how you can make Photoshop run faster in Windows and on the Mac.
Pretty technical stuff that Scott is discussing, but very useful for anyone who wants to get the maximum performance out of Photoshop.

CanadaLunacore is a Canadian based Photoshop site. Canada has several “famous ” Photoshoppers, to name a few; Eric and Jennifer at, Darrell at, Mark at, Michael Kieran and of course “our” famous Dave (Cross) ha!

So here’s one for you fellow Photoshoppers; “If the world were ruled by Canadians “ at Worth 1000

Adobe LightroomAdobe Releases Lightroom 1.0b2.

What is Adobe Lightroom? Adobe Lightroom is a new product (still in a beta stage) that is targeted at professional photographers. It offers powerful ways to select, import, showcase or develop large quantities of digital images. Adobe uses direct feedback from these same professional photographers to improve their product. For more information check out the Adobe Lightroom web site.

Photoshop is a great tool, but when you lack creativity it can be hard to achieve great results.
The following extensive (and long) article with 30 tips shows you how to become more creative. Every tip is discussed in great detail. You can read more about it here

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