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Photoshop Tutorials

Neat Image Review
Photoshop Tutorial - Using the Red Eye tool non-destructively
Using the Red Eye tool Non-Destructively
(viewed times)
This tutorial will show you a unique technique that explains how to use Photoshop's red eye tool in a non-destructive way.

Photoshop Tutorial - Realistic Crack
Realistic Crack
(viewed times)
How to create a realistic crack in a stone texture is what is shown in this tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial - Stone Wall
Stone Wall
(viewed times)
A tutorial that shows how to create a stone texture and how to use this same texture to create a stone wall. The texture can also be used to create a stone floor.

Animated plane flying through clouds
(viewed times)
This Photoshop tutorial explains how to put a plane in clouds and to create the illusion of depth and how to use this plane to create a short animation in ImageReady.

Photoshop Tutorial - Realistic Rainbow
Realistic Rainbow
(viewed times)
A 2 page Photoshop tutorial that shows you how to add a rainbow to a photograph.

Photoshop Tutorial - Remove a Tan Line
Remove a Tan Line
(viewed times)
In this 2 page tutorial we're going to remove a tan line in Lab mode using levels, a mask, color samplers and the healing brush.

Photoshop Tutorial - Old Poster
Old Poster
(viewed times)
This 9 page Photoshop tutorial shows how to make an old looking poster with stains, texture, rips, scratches, folds, text and a bullet hole and how to convert a photograph.

Photoshop Tutorial - Crop with "Rule of Thirds"
Crop with "Rule of Thirds"
(viewed times)
Detailed tutorial in which we create a shape that we use at a later stage as a "Rule of Thirds" overlay to crop an image.

Photoshop Tutorial - Retouch a damaged photograph
Retouch a damaged photograph
(viewed times)
A very in-depth tutorial; fixing colors, replacing a part of the image, improving global and local contrast and brightness, removing noise, selective sharpening. (8 pages).

Photoshop Tutorial - Realistic Clouds
Realistic Clouds
(viewed times)
A detailed Photoshop tutorial showing you how to create clouds using a clouds brush. We willl also show you how to create this brush (4 pages).

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