Sketch Tutorial Tim Shelbourne has written a good Photo to Pencil Sketch tutorial, that shows again that it’s often not just a matter of using a single Photoshop filter effect to create descent results. Tim has managed by using a brush to create one of the better sketch effects out there.

Cambridge In Color Sean T. McHugh( has some excellent Photoshop tutorials that are focused on photography. It’s not often that you see tutorials that are written with such dedication and eye for details. A good example is his curves tutorial, that explain beautifully how to use Photoshop curves tool, a tool that’s still a mystery for many beginners.
Don’t forget to check out Sean’s photo gallery which contains some excellent photography!

Photoshop TV episode 49In this 49th episode of Photoshop TV, Matt, Scott and Dave have the following to share:

- Technique for using Gradient Overlay and the Warp Tool to add a shiny effect to text and objects.

- Layers technique that lets you break a subject out of its borders.

- Little-known features in Photoshop CS2 like resizing the font sample, choosing alternative plugin folders and creating customized hotkeys.


To-Do List

- iStockphoto isn’t just great royalty-free content. They have lots of articles and tutorials.

- Stock up on free tutorials, how-to videos and digital photography news at Planet Photoshop.

- Nature lovers and photographers combine in the Digital Landscape Workshop Series.

Niklas Jansson created an excellent art tutorial that covers some of the basics of art. Subjects that get attention are:

Art Tutorial- Terminology
- Seeing
- Thinking in layers
- Speculars
- Radiosity, Reflected and Ambient light
- Exposure
- Materials
- Shadows
- Skin Tones
- Focus Points
- Line Art
- Studies
- Study Objects

Photoshop TV Episode 48The Photoshop Guys Scott, Matt and Dave are here again with new tips and tricks in this 48th episode Photoshop TV:

- Camera RAW techniques for converting to black and white using saturation, shadows and contrast sliders

- A detailed explanation of Blend If

- tip-of-the-hat to Jeremy Stroud

- split-toning effect with the Channel Mixer, Color Balance and Adjustment Layers.

To-Do List
- Check out a cool Podcast for digital photographers at
- Find out about Matt’s new Layers training course at
- Need an excuse to go to Maui? Visit

Photoshop’s toolbar can be pretty overwhelming for new users of Photoshop. has several videos that show how most of these tools work (Flash 6 or more needed).

Toolbar Videos

Photoshop TV 46The Photoshop Guys Scott, Matt and Dave are back in business with new tips and tricks in this 46th episode Photoshop TV:

- a quick way to preview your images in black and white format in Adobe Bridge
- tip for previewing in Photoshop
- creating a Flash animation with Photoshop and ImageReady
- a wild 3D abstract using the 3D Transform Filter

This week’s to-do list

- Check out the latest offerings at the Digital Technology Centre
- Say hello to Monte Zucker and Eddie Tapp
- Have a look at the new community at Adobe Illustrator Techniques

If we take a look at the state of photography today, such as the advances of digital camera, artful image manipulation by Photoshop, and even the role of paparazzi in media - and the pervasiveness of photographic images in our lives, it is easy to forget that the first photograph ever was taken just 180 years ago.

Photography was probably an inevitable invention - the surprise was that it took so long for it to develop, especially given that the scientific principles that are responsible for it - physical principles such as our understanding of lens and optics and chemical processes that are required to affix permanent images, have actually been known for long before the invention of the first photograph.

The development of photography was quite fast: since Niépce took the world’s first photograph in 1826, it took only about 30 years for photograph became a product for mass consumption with the introduction of carte-de-visite. Before long, the world’s first concealed cameras were introduced to help detectives document the dalliances of cheating spouses!

More about the history of photography here.

History of photography

Photoshop TV episode 44Is time again for the guys of PhotoshopTV, Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Larry Becker to share some new stuff with us in the 40th episode of their popular show;

- A tutorial on making a realistic film style contact sheet
- A multitude of little known camera RAW tips
- Restore a faded photograph with Adjustment Layers

To-do list

- Visit John Paul Caponigro
- Check out the huge Nikon user community at Nikonians
- Take a break at

A showcase of amazing vector art done with Adobe Illustrator:

Vector Art

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